A Bicycle Company Put Pictures of TVs on Their Boxes, the Reason Why Might Surprise You

A Bicycle Company Put Pictures of TVs on Their Boxes, the Reason Why Might Surprise You

We’ve all been there. To solve a tough or unforeseen problem, in some cases, you need to think outside of the box. But in this particular case study, the solution was quite literally on the outside of the box!

A peddling company found that over one-quarter of its products, bicycles, were being badly damaged during shipping. This costs time, resources, customer satisfaction and, of course, cash off the bottom line to resolve each and every one of these customer complaints.

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The solution was right there on the outside of the box.

By putting a picture of a TV on the shipping boxes, package handlers were more likely to “handle with care.”

“A big-screen TV box is roughly the same size and weight as a bike box. So to convince shippers to handle its products with more care, VanMoof began printing photos of TVs on its packaging. The boxes still depicted the bike, too, but at a glance it does look like you would find a massive widescreen TV inside instead of a high-end commuter bike.”

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Damage claims dropped by 80%!!! According to the company, “even after a Wall Street Journal reporter spilled the beans by tweeting about the deception last year, the drop in damages has reportedly stayed consistent.”

What an inspiration! We all have heard the adage, but this is a case of “thinking outside the box” in the most literal sense!

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