How Do I Set Up A Virtual Private Server?

How Do I Set Up A Virtual Private Server?

If you need to set up a VPS, this tutorial will show you how do do it fast and cheap.

First, decide if you’ll need Windows or Linux based VPS.

Either way we’ll use the Plesk Panel and it will be super easy. Using Parallels Plesk Panel, you can add a domain to your dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS). To add domain names, you will need to have a Parallels Plesk Panel license that allows you to create multiple domains.


To Add New Domains in Parallels Plesk Panel

  1. Log in at to the Parallels Plesk Panel as admin.
  2. In the General section, click Domains.
  3. Click Add New Domain.
  4. Select the client or subscription you want to add the domain name to.
  5. Enter the Domain Name.

    Do not enter www. in the Domain Name Field.

  6. Select the IP address you want to use.
  7. Select the option to set up hosting for the domain, and then click OK.

For additional information on setting up domain names in Parallels Plesk Panel, please see the Parallel’s documentation Adding Domains.


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