How To Avoid Media Mishaps Like This One

How To Avoid Media Mishaps Like This One

If you weren’t watching, you probably heard about it. World famous singer, Mariah Carey, is carried out on the stage on New Year’s eve in Times square, New York City; the crowd goes wild. The music plays to the crowd’s anticipation of the new year and the performance that is about to be unveiled. Mariah grips her golden SM58 microphone and brings it to her lips, a million eyes waiting for that first note, and… nothing. The sound guy dropped the ball. Her vocal cues were not coming through, she may have been having problems with her earpiece, too. What a disaster!

This is one of the most anticipated events of the year and also an opportunity for this star to shine. But, while her résumé is one of the most outstanding in the business, in the entertainment industry there is no room for error, especially of this magnitude. Mariah Carey’s career is built on perfection, perfect sound, perfect look, perfect performances. I know this first hand. Years ago I worked with Dave “Jam” Hall, her producer on a number of tracks and his work was meticulous. Her performances over the years are always jaw droppingly spectacular.

So what happened on this night? How was her performance ruined so embarrassingly? Well, from reports it can be gathered that it was due to a poor judgements made by the production company. Mariah came out looking great, feeling great and ready to perform but it was all ruined because she didn’t have the right team behind her that night. Years of image building was instantly undermined by this lack of judgement on the behalf of her management.

Basically, it was sabotage. Her production team is responsible. Her management team is responsible for hiring an incompetent production team.

Here is the excruciating video:

Want to make sure this never happens to you or your business? Follow these steps:

1. Go with experience.

Just because we make it look easy, doesn’t mean it is. Make sure to have a seasoned professional standing by for all important productions.

2. Test, test, one, two.

Skipping a song check caused a disaster for Mariah. While meticulously performing sound and lighting checks may seem overly laborious and a waste of time, they’re not. As we see here, this critical step can make or break a performance. In this business most of the work is in the setup and post production.

3. Have a contingency plan.

Here is an industry secret: pro’s don’t not make mistakes. Yes, you read that right. The best musicians, audio engineers, producers and artists make mistakes from time to time, but they always have a plan B and can improvise. Mariah sure could have used a plan B right about then!

Bottom line…

If she had a good production team, she would’ve avoided this disaster.

If you need a pro to help with your upcoming production, consider and give us a call to chat about how we can make your next project a success.

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  1. pat

    They really blew it!

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    This was tragic. she is such a wonderful lady and so talented she needs to have better people. unacceptable!

  3. LOLER

    Over the hill!Shes done! HAHA

  4. NotHer

    Stahp! “Up in this b—!” lol. I thought she was going to handle it well but hen she lost it! poor girl.

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    You have made some decent points there. Most
    people will go along with your views on this. Oh Mariah.

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    Yea she got it bad

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