Should You Chime In?

Should You Chime In?

People and businesses are marketing themselves in new ways all the time and usually that’s a great way to stand out, reach new audiences and test the waters. One thing that’s becoming popular is giving your take on current events and popular issues, especially if they pertain to your field. Giving your opinions and reviews on social media, your blog and email marketing can make your brand more personal and relevant, but, if you’re getting ready to diversify your marketing mix by commenting on sensitive topics, you may want to consider the repercussions.

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We’ve all heard of campaign disasters that do more harm than good, like this Superbowl campaign that was pulled after being labeled insensitive and was viewed as supporting animal cruelty.


Don’t make the same mistake with your marketing and you can avoid turning off potential customers or tarnishing your reputation.

In this example, a subsidy of marketing giant Coca-Cola completely missed their mark bt offending a large portion of their target demographic sparking tweets like: “@CocaCola is selling milk, which is offensive in of itself, but take a look at their offensive ads.”

Coca-Cola sexist milk

So, with that being said, here’s a friendly reminder: Think before you blab!

Check out our friends at Saturday Night Live’s hilarious take on this issue from last week’s show here:

Courtesy:, LA Times, AdWeek


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