Three Simple Ways Your Business Can Change The World

Three Simple Ways Your Business Can Change The World

The world is changing and if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner you know this better than anyone. As a matter of fact, entrepreneurs are some of the most likely people to be influential among those around them. Whether you have a neighborhood shop, online business or growing enterprise, these three things can greatly help your business start making change.

1. Be the change.
Yea, that’s right. Stop searching for someone or something to change the world for you and DO IT YOURSELF. Take things into your own hands and run with it! Think about it like this: You are either the star of your own film or an extra in someone else’s.

“Be the change
you want to see in the world.”
Mohandas Gandhi

For example, here at Blabor we work everyday to do just that! We love small business, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit but we hate seeing small businesses get crushed by the big guys. That’s why we are committed to making a change and offering small businesses the tools to compete on a big scale.

What do you want to see changed in the world? Want to see more jobs your community? It’s up to you to grow your business and hire more employees. Think there should be a better product or service to solve a problem? Make it happen! Do the research, develop a product and bring it to market!

2. Be the best.

Vincent_Willem_van_Gogh_-_Cafe_Terrace_at_Night_(Yorck)I have an interesting theory. I believe we’re all the same. I believe we’re all equal. I believe every healthy, willing and able person on this planet has the potential to do great things, to be the best at something.

Well then, why, you might ask, are some people so successful and others… not so much? Well, let’s think about it. We all know the kind of person that’s pretty good at everything but not great at anything, right? People like that can combine a wide range of aptitudes to do great things. Now let’s look at another extreme. What about the people that excel at one thing in particular? Have you ever heard a story about a programmer that could write elegant code but has trouble with casual social interactions? Haven’t we all heard about the great artists that can create beautiful masterpieces but have problems with everyday tasks? I believe that we all have the same potential, just distributed in different areas.

Now here’s the secret. Do what you’re good at!

What’s the difference between successful people and everyone else?

“Those who excel work at that at which they excel.”

I was chatting with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the other day, and he would totally agree. Zuck Do you think Mark would have been a successful politician? Probably not.

Find the area in which you excel and go big! Not only can this help you change the world, but in fact, it is the only way.

3. Give it away free.

Yes, you read that correctly. Here comes the hard part. It may be counter-intuitive, it might even sound downright crazy, but it works.

Sure, doing what you love is great and there’s almost no feeling better than mastering your craft. But, to be a success you have to get yourself out there. The greatest product or service in the world isn’t going to do much good if no one ever hears about it. That is why this step is so effective.

How did Google and Facebook build a worldwide user base? The service is free to use. How does your favorite television program build its audience? The show is free to watch. In fact, chances are that the last time you made a major purchase it started out as a free quote, a free consultation or a free trial.

The effectiveness of this strategy is undeniable, but pulling it off in a viable way usually takes some creativity. In our business at, the most valuable things we provide our clients are ideas and we are always excited to share our experience, expertise and ideas with our customers, free of charge. Not only that, but we decided to offer our award-winning graphic design service free on our most popular print products and guess what… our orders quadrupled in the next quarter.

Maybe you can give out a sample, maybe you can give away a free trial, maybe it it just an idea or a dream but figure out how to give your audience value and your audience will grow.

If you made a list of the world’s most successful people, you would find these traits, in one way or another, every time without exception. Now its time to write your story and do your part to change the world.

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Drew Paul is a serial entrepreneur, marketing maniac, owner and founder of and is an award-winning Graphic Designer, Audio Engineer, Physicist, Visual Artist and Engineer. Drew Paul currently holds the U.S. patent rights for four inventions in the fields of Marketing, Software Development and Alternative Energy. Drew Paul is the author of two books containing over seven scientific papers pertaining to the field of physics. Drew Paul was awarded the 2012 Citizen Life Saving Award by Tampa Police Chief, Jane Castor, the OSHA Excellence Award, and was recognized by the National Safety Council with the award of the Distinguished Service to Safety Award. He was awarded the Dade County Young Entrepreneur Award in 2013 and was rated #1 Graphic Designer in Miami for two successive years in 2013 and 2014. Drew Paul was awarded as the Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 Make Energy Contest- International Challenge for his contributions to the development of alternative energy solutions.

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