Why amateur designers are a waste of money

Why amateur designers are a waste of money

The designer thought it looked cool, the band thought it was awesome. But, no one showed up to the gig…

Can you guess why?

This example is quite obvious, though bad design isn’t always so easy to spot. Here, the text is completely illegible; its laughable even. But even things like overwhelming graphics, unproven font choices and overall low quality can greatly diminish the effectiveness of a print or web campaign.

Over the last decade, Blabor has seen it all. One thing that bad campaign designs have in common is that everyone thinks it looks good. In this ad, the band probably rocks, they are probably great musicians, but they obviously don’t know much about marketing and neither did whomever designed this atrocity of a flyer.

Now to contrast, GO HERE to see some good designs for effective print marketing.

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