Why January Is Your Biggest Opportunity

Why January Is Your Biggest Opportunity

January is just around the corner and that means now is the time to prepare for what may be your biggest opportunity for growth in this new year.


January is when your most knowledgeable competitors will promote their New Year marketing campaigns. It’s the time of year when people are most inspired to embrace change. This makes your clients or customers much more likely to switch providers.

You can treat this as a hazard or as an marvelous opportunity.

To make January work to your advantage,  ask yourself this:

  1. What are you going to do, to ensure you retain as many of your clients in 2017 as possible? Remember, marketing is not only about attracting new clients. Marketing is also about client retention. In fact, everything your business does is marketing. Read this to see why.
  2. What are you going to do, to benefit from the prospect of January growth? You can choose to be one of the savvy business owners, who benefits from a valuable surge in new clients. You can start 2017 on a real high. You can create a wave of momentum to thrust you through the year ahead.

We at Blabor.com strongly recommend you put a plan in place, to cover both of those opportunities.

Don’t let January just happen. Be proactive. Consider ways to engage with all those potential customers, who will use January as a reason for change. Position yourself as the obvious choice for them. And look for ways to render greater value to your existing clients in 2017. Then communicate all that extra value to them in the weeks ahead.

Get this right and it will provide you with an opportunity to strengthen your core client base and build upon it.

That’s an effective way to create unstoppable momentum to carry you through the new year.

Let’s grow your business! Blabor can help you attract more clients, make more sales and boost your profits. To find out how, get this.

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